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Jeans for Genes is an opportunity to teach students about science and compassion for others.

Help our scientists cure genetic diseases and other serious conditions affecting 1 in 20 children – that’s nearly one child in every classroom. 

How to fundraise at your school:
  1. Sign up your school and receive a collection box, and even an online fundraising page!
  2. Carry out a school event any time of year, such as a mufti day, a bake sale or anything else you can think of. Options are limitless! See our Fundraising Tips for ideas or download the information booklet and decorations to help liven up your event from our Resources page!
  3. Deposit the donations you’ve collected and help kids fighting genetic diseases.
1 in 20 kids is one child in every classroom
Another way to get your school involved is to volunteer on the day. Volunteers help collect donations and sell merchandise at locations near your school on Jeans for Genes Day, Friday, August 2nd, 2018. You can submit your expression of interest today!

Your students can help fight genetic diseases

Help kids like Charlize