Welcome to Jeans for Genes!

Each year, thousands of people across Australia get behind the day and raise much-needed funds for Children’s Medical Research Institute’s fight against childhood genetic disease. There are so many ways you can celebrate Jeans for Genes Day, including selling merchandise or collecting money. It’s limited only by your imagination. If your imagination needs a push, however, don’t worry – we’ll be sending you heaps of tips and ideas in the lead up to the big day!

Jeans for Genes Day this year will be on Friday 3rd August.

By signing up, you’ll receive a Jeans for Genes Fundraising Kit plus regular updates as we get closer to Jeans for Genes Day.

When you sign up online, you will receive your very own profile page to help with your fundraising! You can keep track of your fundraising and make the page your own by uploading a photo, tell your story and connect with friends. 

Sell Merchandise

You can order merchandise boxes at no charge to help with your fundraising.

You’ll find more information about what’s included in this year’s merchandise box on the sign up page.

Remember to use your Profile Page once you have registered, to connect with your family and friends and let them know they can donate via your secure online fundraising page too.

Collect Money

You can hold your own event to raise money, and you can order a donation collection box to keep all of your funds in! All boxes will also include a poster and Information Booklet which explains the next steps.

Remember to use your Profile Page once you have signed up, to connect with your family and friends and let them know they can donate via your secure online fundraising page.

See the Fundraising Tips page for ideas!



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Every year, thousands of volunteers join us to hit the streets, shopping centres and train stations across the country on Jeans for Genes Day to raise vital funds.
As a volunteer, you’ll be selling merchandise and collecting donations from the public. No experience is necessary – just your enthusiasm and a willingness to participate! 
Many of our volunteers come back year after year because there’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of Jeans for Genes Day!
There are many options for getting involved – you can choose to:
  • Work at a location near you, such as a local train station or shopping centre. You will work with a team of other volunteers.
  • Be a Team Leader. Team Leaders manage the group of volunteers by guiding and supporting them in their roles. You will also be responsible for the money and banking this at the end of the day.
  • Get a group of friends or workmates together to work as a team at a location near you.
There will be lots of shift options available so you can choose one that suits you best. You might like to volunteer for a few hours before work or stick around for the whole day – it’s up to you.