You can fundraise at work, school, your local sporting or social club, or even within your group of friends and family. Fundraising is fun, so let your imagination run wild! See below for some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Devoted to denim
Jeans for Genes loves denim, so remember to wear your favourite jeans, but why not do something unusual? Dig out the acid washed denim jacket and the flare jeans…visit your local Op Shop for some inspiration and get people talking! There aren’t many days of the year when you can get away with wearing double, triple, or even quadruple denim! Charge a gold-coin donation to wear jeans and ‘fine a fashion crime’ by charging those who don’t wear denim on the big day.

Food, glorious food
Organise a denim-themed morning tea or barbeque with blue decorations, blue cups and plates, and anything delicious you can think of. Or you could get out the blue food colouring and make your own bake sale complete with blue-iced cupcakes! Guests could pay a donation to come along and enjoy the treats or you could charge for individual items.

Party time
Hold a denim-themed party or movie night and ask people to wear their best denim outfits and charge an entry fee to be donated to Jeans for Genes! Or you could host a trivia night and charge a donation for a spot at a table.

Night out
Everyone loves a night at the movies. Ask your local cinema to reduce the price of the tickets, so you can resell for full price and donate the difference. Or get all your friends together for a ten-pin bowling session and do a similar thing, donating the difference of the cost of cheaper entry.

Prized possession
You could approach local businesses and ask them to donate items to be auctioned off or used in a raffle. It’s a great way to involve your local community and incentivise people to get involved. You’ll be surprised at some of the items people donate once they know it is for a great cause. You could use the prizes for a best dressed competition or maybe even a fashion parade in your office or school.

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Dollar matching
You could ask your employer to match your fundraising efforts. We have made it easy for you by writing a letter on your behalf. You can download it from the Resources library

Celebrate with a difference
Avoid getting another jumper that doesn’t fit or something else you don’t need. Instead, ask for donations at your next celebration! Whether you’re having a birthday party, a wedding or celebrating a different milestone, ask guests to give a meaningful gift by collecting donations in lieu of presents.

Loose change
Collect extra donations by putting boxes or tins in convenient places, for example at the school canteen or near the office vending machine. Small change becomes BIG change in the long run.


Start selling Jeans for Genes merchandise as early as you can and encourage everyone you know to purchase something! There’s usually something someone can use, like a pen. Send an email to your contacts, letting them know you’re selling merchandise and they can buy directly from you instead of a retailer.

Remember to use the poster we provide to promote Jeans for Genes by putting it up in a prominent place at your club, workplace or school. You could hang it in the lunch room, on the noticeboard, or on your door! You can download additional posters from the Resources library.