Aug. 20, 2015, 4 a.m.

THE sports field at MacKillop College became the blackboard for an important message yesterday.
Students have been going to great lengths to raise money and awareness for Jeans for Genes, but they stepped up their game when they spelt out the initials for the cause on the grass. 

College captain Kylie Lynch said the senior students were the masterminds behind the idea.

“We thought about it in our senior council meeting about two weeks ago,” she said.

Kylie and a few of the other students were out on the sports field early in the morning to set out the message before the rest of the students, all dressed in denim, filled in the gaps. 

“We came in at 8am this morning and had it all set up by recess,” Kylie said. 

“We had to get the cones set up first and then the ropes.” 

The entire school sat in the marked area to form ‘J4G’ on the grass, which was photographed and filmed from above. 

Ms Lynch was impressed by the way it all came together and how legible it was. 

“I think it went well and it looked really good from up there,” she said. 
MacKillop College also collected a gold coin donation from everyone in each roll group to be donated to Jeans for Genes.

The school has also been selling merchandise to help raise money for the cause.