It’s that wonderful time of year again, the time when Jeans 4 Genes Day validates my obsession with denim and makes it totally acceptable, nay charitable and necessary, to be a blue jean baby in the office. For me, it’s one of the few working days a year that getting dressed in the morning is a cinch.

This year, my fist pumps are extra enthusiastic, because not only are jeans A-OK, but this 2015’s theme is a bit of a denim frenzy, with double and triple denim highly encouraged! I’m in heaven and, it would seem, only three members short of achieving my dream of being in a 90’s girl band.

Now in the 22nd year, Jeans 4 Genes raises funds and awareness for Children’s Medical Research Institute, fighting against childhood genetic diseases, so all the money raised during it’s most popular annual fundraiser, Jeans 4 Genes Day goes to a great cause. So don you denim this Friday 7th August and have your donations at the ready to help out some deserving small humans. Double denim for the kids? Yes we can!