Every dollar makes a difference by supporting Children's Medical Research Institute. Here's how...

$1 - Fight cancer

A gold coin will buy enough of the crucial enzyme needed to test the blood of one patient for aggressive cancers.

$5 - Help conduct life-saving research

Help researchers find answers for cancer, birth defects, and genetic diseases. Together we can make a difference.

$30 - Prevent blindness

Our scientists are developing cutting-edge methods to stop at risk children from going blind. $30 buys next generation DNA sequencing to help us perfect treatments.

$50 - Treat Epilepsy

Buy the materials needed to screen 96 potential epilepsy drugs at once, drugs that could help the 1 in 3 patients who don’t respond to current medication

$80 - Identify DNA gone wrong

Help us purchase special materials needed to isolate cancer DNA for study, so we can find out what turns a normal cell into a killer.

$120 – Stop brain cancer

Help our researchers test new drug treatments in the laboratory and find out which ones might hold the promise of a cure.

$180 – Defeat liver disease

This would allow us to prepare a sample of cells needed to develop a treatment for liver disease.

$500 - Help run an experiment

This could buy all the materials needed to run an experiment that could result in an unexpected discovery.

$1,500 – Help Cure Genetic Disease

This would allow researchers to ‘read’ the full DNA code of a person, helping to spot the one change causing a genetic disease.