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Fundraising online is one of the best and easiest ways you can help kids fighting genetic diseases.

By fundraising online you have the power to fundraise all year and make a difference every day. Signing up is easy:
  1. Sign up to be a Jeans for Genes fundraiser (be sure to select 'fundraise online')
  2. Claim your online page and set up your profile
  3. Share the unique link to your fundraising page with family and friends!


Tips for Online Fundraising:

  • Share your reasons. People are more likely to support your efforts if they know why you’re passionate about getting involved, so complete your profile and let people know why you're participating.

  • Kick-start your fundraising. You can start off your fundraising by making a personal donation through your secure fundraising page. It sets an example for others to follow.

  • Communicate. Send an email to your friends, family and work colleagues to tell them about your fight against genetic diseases!

  • Get Social. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are perfect for communicating with family and friends to get their support. You can share your fundraising page with them by providing your unique website link (you'll get one when you sign up!).

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