Kate New

I am supporting Jeans for Genes because of our little Lachy. When you fall pregnant you never expect your child will have a birth defect or genetic condition. Sadly that is the truth for 1 in 20 Aussie kids.
Most of you know our little guy Lachy is one of those kids.
As parents, our hearts were crushed as Lachy missed milestone after milestone. As our friends posted happy pictures of their kids walking, we dragged Lachy to literal torture sessions of therapy to do so.
Lachy is a super loveable kid, but he has a tough future ahead. His neurological system does not allow him to understand the world around him. It is unlikely that he’ll ever talk. What is innate for most does not come naturally for him. But we’re the lucky ones.... Genetic defects can cause a range of ‘symptoms’- developmental delay, autism, heart defects, epilepsy & cancer to name a few.
There is SO much happening in the field of genetics & within our lifetime conditions like Lachy’s could be curable!
We’d give anything for Lachy to be able to look at us & tell us he loves us. The truth is that’s never going to happen. But only research will help prevent the same feeling for future families. Please support research by supporting jeans for genes day!


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